Dr. Houssem Jerbi

Lead Data Insights Analyst, Facebook, Ireland


Houssem Jerbi is Lead Data Scientist and Technical trainer on Big data analytics. He is currently working at Facebook, Dublin. Previously, he was Research Scientist and Technical lead at Insight Centre for Data Analytics. Houssem is also a member of the data experts team at Experfy, a consulting marketplace based in Harvard Innovation Lab. During his work in both R&D and engineering, he has led high-impact projects in data science and business intelligence across different sectors, including Retail, Digital & Social Media, Advertising, Hospitality and Real estates. Houssem holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from University of Toulouse, France. He is serving on advisory panels of different companies in Dublin.

Dr. Salim Jouili

Principal scientist at EURA NOVA and Huawei european research center, Belgium


Dr. Salim Jouili, Principal scientist at EURA NOVA and Senior Data Scientist at Huawei european research center, Belgium. Salim received his Master degree in computer science in 2007 from the University of Grenoble, France. In 2011, he received his Ph.D. degree in computer science at the University of Nancy, France. He was also a member of the QGAR research project at the LORIA-INRIA Research Center (France). His main work interests are large scale machine learning, distributed data storage and processing, stream processing, and data science. He has been working in different big data use cases, especially in telecom industries, such as churn prediction, user profiling and recommendation systems.

Nizar Ellouze

Software Engineer Architect, IntelliTech, Tunisia

NizarEllouzeNizar Ellouze obtained an engineering degree in computer science from ENSI (National School of Computer Sciences) in Tunis. He has more than eight years experience working as a Software Developer in Java Server Applications using most common frameworks and architectures. He works since one year on Big data projects using Hadoop, Kafka and S3. He delivered more than 500 hours of professional training and more than 400 hours of academic labs at diverse universities.

Dr.-Ing. Markus Schaal

Head of Data Science, Webtrekk Gmbh, Berlin, Germany


Dr.-Ing. Markus Schaal is the Head of Data Science at Webtrekk Gmbh, a company which is tracking more than two billion online actions of website visitors per day. His group is responsible for the algorithm design for productive recommendation and predictions algorithms supporting programmatic advertising and marketing automation. Markus has a wide research experience in the fields of Recommendation Systems, Bayesian Reasoning, Text Mining, Big Data, and Information Logistics. He received his PhD from the Berlin Technical University in 2004 and has worked both in academia and industry in Germany, Turkey, North Cyprus, and Ireland.

Dr. Ahmed Khamassi

Global Head of Insights at Wipro Digital, United Kingdom


Ahmed Khamassi is the Global Head of Insights at Wipro Digital. He is also director at KLAS Analytics, a data science as a service company, and Khamassi & Co. a data science advisory management consulting firm. Ahmed has worked with some of the world's largest brands on cutting edge data science problems. He started his career in the Oil & Gas industry. He then worked for some of the world's largest brands such as Google, Paypal and SAS. He currently advises public and private sector firms on how to turn data science opportunities into economic value. He is a member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology where he is leading the establishment of machine learning / artifcial intelligence chapter.

Dr. Firas Jabloun

Founder and Head of R&D at Mass Analytics, United Kingdom

FirasJablounDr. Firas Jabloun, Founder and Head of R&D at Mass Analytics Firas has a Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineer from McGill University, Montréal Canada since 2004. He has more than 15 years experience in the United Kingdom working as a quantitative analyst developing mathematical models and software applications in the front-office of leading financial institutions (Lehman Brothers, KBC, Nomura), and as a signal and data processing expert building speech recognition and artificial intelligence software in the Cambridge Research Lab of a world leader in innovative technologies (Toshiba).