The International Spring School on Big Data, sponsored bySmart Tunisia, is dedicated to the dissemination of big data analytics and data science knowledge. Talks from world-class industry experts will include keynotes, case-studies and hands-on workshops, focusing on both business and technical aspects of big data analytics.

It is a forum to feature opportunities of big data analytics for researchers, students and fresh graduates looking to build their career in this area, and companies who need to establish a data monetization process and extracting business value from data. Whether you are professional in the field, learner or a data enthusiast, this is a typical opportunity to find out or be updated on the exciting and fast-developing field of big data analytics.

Spring School topics

The spring school agenda will cover different topics related to Big Data analytics, including:

- Market and business opportunities
- Big data fundamentals and technologies
- Case studies on designing and implementing end-to-end big data analytics projects
- Applications of Big data analytics, such as Targeted Marketing, Customer retention, Product recommendation, Marketing Mix and ROI, and Fraud and Risk Detection.


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Ecole de printemps sur Big Data